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Several types of implants have been designed to be placed to enhance a particular set of muscles.

Even with a healthy diet and consistent exercise regimen with cardio and weightlifting, some individuals are unable to achieve the muscle definition they desire. Body building implants can mimic the look of well-defined muscles, giving you a more sculpted and toned physique that you can be proud of.

At Associates in Plastic Surgery, we help male and female bodybuilders achieve their dream body type through body building implants. We understand that achieving the desired muscle definition can be challenging, and are proud to offer a solution that can boost self-confidence and body image. Serving patients in Edison, Marlboro, Warren, and West Orange, New Jersey, our surgeons offer personalized care and support to ensure a successful surgery and a smooth recovery. We prioritize patient safety and satisfaction above all else, and our experienced team is dedicated to helping you achieve your desired results.

What Are Body Building Implants?

Body building implants, also known as muscle implants, are silicone or saline-filled implants that are surgically placed into muscles to enhance their appearance. These implants are designed to mimic the look of well-defined muscles, giving patients a more sculpted and toned physique.1

Benefits of Body Building Implants

  • Provides a permanent solution to enhance muscle appearance
  • Mimics the look of well-defined muscles, giving patients a more sculpted and toned physique
  • Suitable for individuals who are unable to achieve desired muscle definition through exercise or dieting
  • Enhances specific muscle groups such as the chest, arms, shoulders, and lower legs
  • Can boost self-confidence and body image

Types of Body Buiding Implants

There are several types of body building implants available, each designed to enhance a specific muscle group. We’re proud to offer our patients the most popular types, including:

Calf Implants

For some people, it can be difficult to develop nice calf muscles, even with strenuous exercise. Calf implants can enhance the size of the calf muscle in these people.

A hidden incision is made behind the knee and a pocket is created to place the implant. The implant is silicone and looks smooth from the outside. Our cosmetic surgeons carefully examine the overall leg to ensure the result is natural and not oversized.

Bicep Implants

Bicep implants can enhance the size of the bicep to present the look of having worked out the arms.2 A hidden incision is made and the implant is inserted. The bicep implant is made of silicone, and the size will be carefully selected by our cosmetic surgeons to ensure a natural appearance.

Pectoral Implants

The male chest muscle, or pectoral muscle, can be enhanced through the placement of a solid, silicone implant beneath the muscle.3 A hidden incision is placed in the armpit, so no scar is visible on the chest. After the surgery, a compression vest is worn for two weeks so the recovery is quick. The result is a more muscular, shaped chest that is natural to the touch.

Breast Implants For Female Body Builders

Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure for women who want to enhance the size and shape of their breasts. For female body builders, breast enhancement can be especially important, as the rigorous weight training and low body fat percentage can lead to a loss of breast tissue.

During breast augmentation surgery, breast implants are placed either above or below the chest muscle. The type of implant, implant placement, and implant size are all important factors to consider when planning the procedure. There are two main types of breast implants: saline and silicone gel. Saline implants are filled with sterile salt water and are often recommended for athletes and body builders due to their firmer feel. Silicone gel implants are filled with a cohesive gel that closely mimics the look and feel of natural breast tissue. Implant Placement can be either above the chest muscle (subglandular) or below the chest muscle (submuscular). Subglandular placement is generally recommended for body builders as it allows for a more defined upper breast contour. Submuscular placement, on the other hand, can help to minimize the risk of visible rippling or wrinkling of the implant.

Choosing the right implant size is essential to achieve the desired breast enhancement. For body builders, it's important to consider the amount of body fat and existing breast tissue, as these factors can impact the final result. Our board-certified plastic surgeons at Associates in Plastic Surgery work closely with patients to determine the appropriate implant size based on their individual needs and goals.

Preparing For Body Building Implants

Before undergoing this cosmetic surgery, you will need to have a consultation with one of our surgeons who will evaluate your overall health and discuss your goals for the procedure.

To prepare for the surgery, it’s crucial to quit smoking (if applicable), avoid blood-thinning medications and supplements, arrange for someone to drive you home after the surgery, and follow any additional pre-operative instructions provided by your surgeons. These measures help to ensure a successful surgery and a smooth recovery.

What to Expect During the Body Building Implants Procedure

Body building implant surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia and takes between one and two hours to complete. During the procedure, your surgeon will make a small incision in the muscle and create a pocket for the implant. The implant is then carefully placed into the pocket and secured in place. Once the implants are in place, your surgeon will close the incisions with sutures.

Body Building Implants Recovery

Patients should expect to take a few days off work for recovery time after body building implant surgery. During the first few days, patients may experience swelling, bruising, and discomfort, which can be managed with pain medication. Your surgeon will provide specific post-operative instructions to help ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery. Patients should also avoid strenuous activities and exercise for several weeks after the procedure to allow the muscles to heal properly.

FAQs About Body Building Implants

Are body building implants safe?

Yes, body building implants are safe when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Will body building implants feel natural?

Yes, body building implants are designed to look and feel like natural muscles.

How long do body building implants last?

Body building implants are designed to last a lifetime, but they may need to be replaced if they become damaged or begin to shift over time.

Are there any risks associated with body building implant surgery?

As with any surgery, there are risks associated with body building implant surgery, including infection, bleeding, and scarring. However, these risks are relatively low when the surgery is performed by an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon.

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