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Stretched, overlarge, or torn earlobes can be embarrassing. The flaw can be a distraction and make wearing earrings difficult or impossible.

People with this problem often feel they must have a hairstyle to cover the ears, but particularly for men, the flaw is in plain view. Earlobe surgery with Associates in Plastic Surgery in New Jersey can correct this cosmetic flaw with earlobe surgery.

Best Candidates for Earlobe Surgery

There are a wide variety of reasons people experience stretched or torn earlobes. Most commonly, heavy earrings worn over a long period of time can cause the skin to stretch, or a person had gauged piercings and now want to restore the earlobe. Accidents or injuries can cause the earlobe to rip completely. Some genetic conditions may cause earlobes to be asymmetrical, irregularly shaped, or overly thick.

Even though stretched earlobes will not affect your health, it is not uncommon to feel self-conscious or embarrassed. Men and women who live with stretched, torn, or oddly shaped earlobes can completely resolve the problem with custom earlobe surgery.

Benefits of Earlobe Surgery

Earlobe surgery can significantly improve the way you feel about your look. Benefits can include:

  • Balanced earlobes that do not distract from your attractive facial features
  • Smaller earlobes that do not look loose or hang
  • Close large holes from gauged ears
  • Repair tears
  • Restore symmetry
  • Wear earrings
  • Wear hairstyles that reveal attractive ears

Not only will earlobe surgery help you feel better about yourself but if you enjoy wearing earrings, you now can. You will have new options when styling your hair and will feel confident revealing your ears.

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Earlobe Reduction Techniques

There are several surgical techniques for earlobe repair, and your custom surgery will be based on how much excess skin or cartilage needs to be altered, removed, or any other necessary correction.

Torn earlobes can be repaired by cutting a small notch in the torn area and then precisely stitching the lobe back together. For lobes that have been stretched or asymmetrical, excess skin can be trimmed away to create a natural contour. Whenever possible, the incision is placed in a discreet location where the scar is hidden in the natural contours of your ear.

Each procedure will vary, but most procedures take between 30 minutes and one hour. Only local anesthesia is necessary, and you can drive yourself home after your earlobe repair is has been completed.

Recovery After Earlobe Surgery

Earlobe surgery is generally well-tolerated, and the recovery is not long or stressful. Our plastic surgeon will provide you with full aftercare instructions. Even though the incisions are small, avoiding infection or other complications is important in avoiding scarring.

The earlobe is a fleshy area that is not particularly sensitive, so most patients report very little discomfort. Slight swelling can occur but will subside on its own within one week.

Most activities can be resumed right away and you will likely not need to take any time off work. The surgeon will monitor your initial stages of healing during a follow up appointment a few days after the procedure.

Expected Results

One to two weeks after your procedure you will be able to see your results. You’ll notice natural, symmetrical earlobes that complement the size and shape of your ears and do not distract from your other features.

Scarring is minimal and once healed, barely visible if at all. If your ear piercings were closed during the procedure, you can get them pierced again once you have completely healed from the surgery. We recommend waiting at least one month to ensure all healing is complete.

After earlobe surgery you have the ability to wear earrings once again, and the confidence to show them off!

Earlobe Surgery By Skilled Surgeons

Having cosmetic surgery is an important decision, even for a minor procedure, but our skilled and experienced surgeons are available to answer any questions or concerns you have about the procedure. Many of our surgeons have performed facial surgeries and understand the immense precision and attention to detail required for achieving optimal results in such a small area.

If you are self-conscious about your stretched or torn earlobes, it may be time to consider earlobe repair surgery – and experience freedom from worry about unsightly, stretched lobes. Even a small change can make a big difference in your confidence and overall appearance.


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