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Our plastic surgeons are specialists in removing your unwanted growths and repairing the defect with a nice plastic surgery closure. Insurance may cover the removal of your growth and it can usually be done at our surgical center with no need to go to the hospital.

Surgical removal of moles from the face or body by a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon is the safest, most effective method of mole removal. Mole removal is performed by numbing the area with local anesthetic and excising the mole, closing the area with tiny sutures. The results are fast healing and minimal scarring.

Should I have my moles removed?

You may be a candidate for mole removal if:

  • You have a mole, or moles in an area of your face or body that you want removed
  • You have one or more moles that are uncomfortable due to contact with clothing
  • You have a mole that is large or protrudes
  • You have a large number of unsightly moles that detract from your appearance
  • You have a mole which is changing in size or
  • A mole itches, stings, or is painful

Why choose Associates in Plastic Surgery in New Jersey?

Each of our plastic surgeons is experienced, board-certified and have focused their professional careers on performing custom aesthetic treatments for face, breasts, and body, including surgical mole removal. They perform every treatment with precision and accuracy and treat every patient with compassionate care.

The consultation

At our state-of-the-art facilities, we will evaluate the mole or moles you want removed and speak with you about the procedure, what to expect, and answer all of your questions and concerns. The mole removal procedure we perform will be carefully performed to avoid creating visible scars – which is particularly important with facial moles.

The procedure

Local anesthetic is administered to numb the area where the mole is to be removed. After the area is numbed, our surgeon will excise the mole with a customized small scalpel, leaving a tiny incision. He will then suture the incision closed so it heals cleanly.

The results of mole removal

The mole is thoroughly removed. The tiny sutures will be removed within one week. Our surgeon will provide you with aftercare guidelines, which include avoiding sun exposure and creams or other skin products. Recovery and healing take place rapidly, and you can return to work the next day.

The Cost of Mole Removal

The typical range, which of course can vary depending on the number or size of the moles, is between $150.00 and $350.00 or be as high as $ 800.00 or more to remove several moles. If the mole removal is medically necessary, your health insurance may cover all or part of the cost.

Mole Removal - Frequently Asked Questions

Is it dangerous to remove moles surgically?

It is a fact that surgical mole removal is the safest and most thorough method of removing a mole. Most moles are not harmful but may be uncomfortable or unsightly. There is very minimal risk in surgical mole removal.

Will an excised mole grow back?

No, if completely removed the mole should not return. Moles are made of concentrated melanin pigment, and once removed, are gone forever. Surgical removal is the most reliable procedure to remove the entire mole.

How long before the site of my mole removal heals?

The sutures will be removed in five to seven days. In about two weeks, the area should be healed.

Can I shower after mole removal surgery?

Yes, although you should shower carefully, without scrubbing or applying pressure to the site. Pat the area dry, with no rubbing, then follow all the doctor’s instructions for at-home aftercare,

Will the removal of my mole leave a scar?

All surgery, however minute, leaves a scar, but it will be barely visible when completely healed. The scar will be far less visible than the mole and with the passage of time, should be almost imperceptible.


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